Would you like to come on a visit, to work, or enhance your education or live permanently in Lagos?  The over 18 million people population in Lagos State is doing one of any of these.  To some, Lagos is a no go area.  It is a sprawling city with many sides – good, bad and the ugly.  The traffic congestion and tight-schedule style of life could be unbearable.  To many others who are used to Lagos life, anywhere else to live outside is boring.  Life is not complete without Lagos.

It is estimated that Lagos residents spends an average of N1 billion monthly on merriment, according to research by Lagos State government. This amount goes into drinks, wine, food, “aso-ebi” [uniform dresses] and more.  Lagos State government is considering taxing this area.

Lagos is Nigeria’s center of commercial excellence, created in May 1967.  It is host to Nigeria’s key industries – manufacturing, commerce and financial sectors.

Tourism thrives in Lagos.  Visitors take advantage of the well laid out beaches in Lagos for recreation. Lagos festivals, such as Eyo and Egungun are being transformed into international tourist events.  They attract crème de la crème of society.  The Fanty Carnival, a major tourist attraction in Lagos is fashioned along the Brazilian carnival.