Calabar, Cross River State is home of tourism in Nigeria.  Both for business and for leisure, travelers to Calabar find a distinguished environment – from Tinapa Resort and its nearby Water Fall to Obudu Ranch Resort.  Tourist sites in Cross River State are master pieces and very exciting. Calabar hosts number of events because of its tourism assets.

Tourism arrivals and tourism products, if properly harnessed, will significantly drive and grow the economy of Cross River State and contribute to GDP. It will create jobs, alleviate poverty, and enhance the environment by the year 2020, as being projected.  Tourism development is a priority of Cross River State government.

In December every year, since 2004, Calabar hosts a unique event – Calabar Carnival, which is tagged “Africa’s Biggest Street Party”. The event showcases local culture and heritage of the people of Cross River State. Calabar Carnival takes after the Nottinghill Carnival in the United Kingdom and Rio Carnival in Brazil.

Calabar Carnival attracts cream of society, including top Nigerian musicians, Nollywood actors, international artists and influx of international tourists and carnival lovers each year.  Thousands of costumes revelers blazed the streets of about 12 kilometer carnival routes, to entertain; in some instances, incredibly large audience.

The State has tropical climate and protected jungle conservation that lovers of nature enjoy.