The Sakin Ruwa boarded a boat, beating his drum and add to the festival atmosphere. A scene from the 2009 Argungu Fishing Festival

If Kebbi State takes advantage of the resources nature endowed it, tourism could enormously benefit the people and earn revenue for developing the State. The Argungu Fishing and Cultural Festival is one of such advantage. In addition, museums and monuments in the state could be upgraded to international standard to attract tourists.

Kebbi State government also needs to embark on renovating its hotels and guests houses and transform Argungu Fishing and Cultural Festival into international standard to boost tourism and attract domestic and international tourists to the state, and improve internal revenue generation.

During Argungu festival, array of fishermen engage in fishing competition to catch the largest fish. At the sound of a gun, fishermen in pair of twos, plunge into the muddy waters of Matan Fada.  One of them will be armed with two calabashes used as floats and fish storage; while the other has two giant fishing nets.

The fishing competition takes places in Matan Fada River, once a year, only during the festival.  At the end of the competition, the pair that caught the largest fish receives vehicle and cash reward.  The reward prizes vary.  Matan Fada River is not too impressive.  But large and impressive fishes are often caught from this not too remarkable river during the festival.

It is an annual week-long event which also features agricultural show, exhibition of crafts, traditional wrestling, boxing and cultural entertainment.  Other events include traditional symphonies, wild dock catching, diving, canoe race, motor rally durbar and Kabarichi traditional display.

Kebbi state was created out of Sokoto State in August 27, 1991.  Agriculture is the revenue base of the State’s economy. Kebbi State is endowed with arable land; and shares border with Sokoto State, Niger Sate and Benin Republic to the West.