In the west of Africa, Ghana stands out as preferred tourists destination.  Ghana has its unique tourists attractions, given its rich history, time-honoured traditions and natural scenic beauty.

Tourism in Ghana has been developing over the years.  It has seen it tourism figures, increasingly rising with visitors from US, UK, Germany, South African countries and sub-region visitors.  The country’s heritage and eco-tourism are the strong points.

Ghana has centuries old monuments along its shores, known as World Heritage sites.  It is the link of trading between West Africa and Europe and the trans-Atlantic slave trade.  The Ghanaian tourism authority takes pride in taking visitors around these monuments and its various museums.

The regions in Ghana have their unique beauty, which includes rainforests, waterfalls, national parks and beaches.  It is home to various animal sanctuaries – such as monkey, hippo and crocodiles.

Most tourists into Ghana go through Accra Kotoka International Airport in the state capital.  Outside the capital, Ghana has international and domestic airports in Kumasi and Sunyani.

Sixty-three airlines operate in Ghana.  Two of the airlines – Antrak Air and CiTylink fly domestic routes.  WELCOME TO GHANA.