Sierra Leone emerged from a decade of civil war in 2002.  In another decade and half [about 15 years] after the civil war, Sierra Leone is ready to modestly engage the world in what it has to offer in tourism. In the past few years, tourists visiting Sierra Leone keep rising.

Sierra Leone is a new eco-tourist destination.  Despite civil war, the environment is quite conducive for tourists.  Slightly different from other African tourist destination, visitors to Sierra Leone are fewer.   The authorities in Sierra Leone do not seem to worry about the small volume of tourists visiting the country.

They believe tourism in Sierra Leone is still intact and virgin destination. Visitors to Sierra Leone delight in activities such diving, bird watching, fishing, among others, while the authorities are focusing on eco-tourism.

Sierra Leone has developed eco-lodges for its visitors, and more are being put in place.  The authorities seem to be focused on promoting sustainable and responsible tourism and are keeping the country tidied up for tourists.

There seem to be interest from international investors who may take advantage of the virgin nature of tourism potentials in Sierra Leone to invest in tourism and benefit from the opportunities.

Are you about to visit Sierra Leone, you may have to fly into Lungi International Airport.  The airport and the country’s capital, Freetown, are separated by the Sierra Leone River.  From the airport, visitors have to travel through water taxi, ferry, speedboat or hovercraft.  WELCOME TO SIERRA LEONE.