Could Coconut tree and its fruit pass for “wonder plant”? Professor MacDonald Idu, of Department of Plant Biology and Biotechnology, University of Benin, Nigeria, seems to allude to its “wonder features”, by describing Coconut Tree as “Tree of Life”. Idu underscored the benefits of Coconut to include repelling mosquitoes.

Idu said coconut oil serves multi-purpose use, and there are about 200 uses of coconut. It could be used to “soften your skin, reduce sugar level, prevent wrinkles, premature grey hair and hair lost”, as well used to “rub on your body to present mosquito bite” among other uses.

He said Nigeria has the best type of coconuts worldwide and all parts of the fruit are useful. His words: “This means that we have something we can really show to the world that will build and improve our daily living. There are many things that the coconut can do. It serves as food and medicine’’.

September 2 every year is designated Coconut Day by the Asian and Pacific Coconut Community, APCC; with headquarter in Jakarta, Indonesia. The annual celebration of Coconut Day by APCC is aimed at creating awareness about the important use of coconut and its potentials.

As The Asian and Pacific Coconut Community, APCC celebrate Coconut Day, Saturday, September 2, 2017, according to NAN, Professor Idu called on Nigerian government to initiate policies that would attract investment in coconut business.

Idu’s words: “Today, Nigerians are feasting on coconuts from Cotonou, Ghana and other countries which to me is ridiculous. We have the shores and everything in this country to grow the plant. We also have research institutes with coconut as one of their mandates”.

Professor Idu added that: “The government can put in money into institutes and their research and let it blossom and generate revenue for the country. They can also fund small scale private sector investors in coconuts. This will generate employment and people taking off the streets”.