TEXTILE INDUSTRY IN NIGERIA -- A failed sector that needs reactivation in the quest for promoting the non-oil sector of Nigeria's economy.

The 12th Abuja International Trade Fair, scheduled for September 21 – October 7, 2017, would attract 35 foreign participating countries, according to Abuja Chamber of Commerce and Industry, ACCI. Mrs. Tonia Shoyele, Director, Membership and Business Development, ACCI, briefed journalists in Abuja, Wednesday, and gave insight on the plans to host the event.


Shoyele said: “There about 35 countries coming in, the various embassies in Nigeria are sending representatives, they have all obtained their booths, all the states of the Federal Republic of Nigeria will also be present. The innovation is the fact that we now have business-to-business section in their fair, which is the actual selling point in international trade fairs”.

“Returning Nigeria to the Path of Sufficiency Through Non-Oil Exports” is the theme of the fair. Shoyele said: “What we have brought to the table which is totally different from what has been ongoing before, is that we want to march companies, we want to march buyers with manufacturers which has never happened before”.

WELCOME TO ABUJA — The Nation’s Pride

The fair would open business contacts and not serve as a market place. Shoyele’s words: “The objectives of this fair will be principally to promote accelerated development of commerce and industry. To promote revitalization and diversification of the Nigerian economy by promoting the nation’s non-oil exports, particularly agro-allied products and mineral resources.

The fair would also direct attention to the role of private sector in Nigerian economy and provide access to resources and technology funding.