It is not fairy tale but reality from experts that healthier growth could come from taking goat milk than cow milk.  Goat milk, according to Nigerian Forum for Agriculture Advisory Services, NIFAAS, contains more protein, higher level of essential amino acids and could supply the body with more vitamin A than cow milk.

The Forum’s Fact Sheet, according to news agency of Nigeria, stated that goat milk is also rich in iron, copper, magnesium, manganese and has a lot of antioxidant activity.  It stated that the protein in goat milk could digest faster and easier than that of cow milk.


The Fact Sheet stated that flavor and taste of goat milk seem not pleasurable which may hamper consumption.  It described goat milk as having “nauseating” flavor and bitter taste that could discourage its consumption by Nigerians.

It advised that the udder must be cleaned thoroughly with warm water and the coat brushed well before milking to avoid the bitter taste.  And added:  “This is to avoid foreign matter from the skin getting into milk, the milk also needs to be filtered and the buckets, jars being used sterilized.”


“Also, once milking is done, the milk should be promptly cooled to about 17c, this will stop enzyme action, prevent breakdown of fats, other lipids to release fatty acids which contributes to the goaty flavour of milk. The female goats produce a lot of pheromones and when kept close to the male goats, they get affected by the latter’s odour, which is passed into milk.”

“It’s safer to keep the does and bucks yards apart, especially when milking. The farmer should only allow the does and bucks to meet during the breeding season, this helps in eliminating the goaty flavour in milk,”


Considered that average cow receives growth hormones, antibiotics, GMO feeds, vaccinations and exposed to toxic conditions, many humans experience such negative health effects from consuming pasteurized cow milk, according to research. It is however the common daily drinks for many.

Goats produce about two percent of global milk supply, and said to be much healthier alternative, especially when it is raw and organic, and people who consume goat milk cite lower incidence of allergies and digestive complaints.