The past two years, from May 29, 2015, when Buhari’s government took over mantle of leadership in Nigeria, not one of many promises the government made to the electorates, according to policy observers and analysts is on focus and on course. And government’s functions in the country has continued to be uncoordinated and in disarray.

Narrowing down Buhari’s government promises to the electorates to just three, according to the ruling APC – national security, fixing the economy and fighting corruption — government actions in these key areas seemed to be on the back seat.  Nigeria’s economy drifted into recession, first time in decades in the country as soon as the party came into governance.  It was accompanied by unprecedented high cost of living, economic hardship and unemployment.

Nigeria is presently witnessing national insecurity as it has never experienced in the past. The genocidal killings by Fulani herdsmen, massive kidnapping, armed robbery, ritual killings and Boko Haram terrorists activities still on-going, among others, according to analysts, are indication of failed fate with the electorates.

In the words of Senator Sani, Buhari’s government uses insecticide when fighting corruption on opponent’s camp and deodorant in the president’s camp.  Officials of government are riddled with systemic corruption and are shielded by government. Analysts of the ruling party seem to argue that the government is made up of people with unlike minds.  It is not unlikely, while the party’s ideology on governance is uneven.


Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari, Monday, October 30, finally bowed to pressure, and sacked two key officials of his government said to have enjoyed his protection after cases of corruption were been brought against them. They were Babachir Lawal former Secretary to government of the federation, and Ayo Oke former NIA boss. Boss Gida Mustapha was announced as replacement for Babachir, as Secretary to the government of Nigeria.

Babachir and Oke have been enmeshed in corruption allegations. Babachir was investigated by Nigeria’s Vice President Osinbajo’s three-man Presidential panel over N270 million meant for welfare of Internally Displaced Persons, IDPs, in North-East. Oke was investigated over discovery of huge local and foreign currencies by Nigeria’s Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, in a residential apartment at Osborne Towers, Ikoyi, Lagos, which NIA claimed possession.

Given the role of Secretary to Government of the Federation — as engine room of government – could Boss Gida Mustapha make the difference in this sliding government?  Boss Gida Mustapha has good credentials.  He is a lawyer and a technocrat.  With experience spanning private and public sectors strata of leadership.  He is also an astute politician.

BOSS GIDA MUSTAPHA — New Secretary to Government of Nigeria

Office of the Secretary to Government of the Federation, which Boss Gida Mustapha now occupies, is in the Presidency. It has responsibility of ensuring effective coordination and monitoring implementation of Government policies, with core mandate to serve as front-line advisory institution of the presidency, drive policy formulation, harmonization, implement and monitor institutions of governance.

Mustapha as Secretary to Government of the Federation would drive the processes with political will, administrative expertise, professionalism and values of loyalty and commitment to bring about attainment of the goals of the Federal Government.

It is seen that the trending case of Maina and the single voice of Nigerian masses against President Buhari’s inactions, especially, on corruption allegations against key official of his government, and seeming cover given to them by the presidency, must have compelled the president to sack Babachir and Oke.

President Buhari’s government has been sodden in several corruption scandals involving senior officials of his government. The sack of Babachir and Oke, according  to vast comments and opinions, are not likely to change the decrepit image of his government for now, as chasing shadows in its anti-corruption war.

As a duty call, Mustapha as new Secretary to Government of the Federation and engine room to good and credible governance should demonstrate political will in driving the processes of good and credible governance.