No one, it seems, can make 93 years Robert Mugabe, oldest political leader in the world, at the moment, feel inferior without his consent. That seemed to be playing out since the Army Generals in that country seized power from him last week and placed him on house arrest.  Soldiers do not stage “coup” – after seizing power, spends hours; now into the second week in Zimbabwe, fraternizing, negotiating  with grand master Mugabe, choicest honourable exist.

Mugabe seems to be teaching his people how to treat him, including the Army Generals who seized power from him. Since taking power from Mugabe, the Generals have dignified him in all respect.  To the Generals, Mugabe is an “enigma”. He fought to liberate his country from colonial rule to an independent nation.   He rule for 37 years with iron fist, defied international pressures and sanctions, and held the country together in unity.


Mugabe’s ruling party, ZANU-PF, seem to be more decisive in showing him the exit way.  When the military’s “initiatives” seemed not to be leading to early resolution of Mugabe’s exit, ZANU-PF suspended and removed him as the leader of the party, and appointed his sacked vice-president Mnangagwa Emmerson his successor.  Thereafter, gave Mugabe 24 hours – till mid-day, Monday, November 20, to resign or be impeached.

According to Reuters report “impeachment could see Mugabe kicked out by a vote in parliament in under a day and would represent an ignominious end to the career of the ‘Grand Old Man’ of African politics, who was once lauded across the continent as an anti-colonial hero”.

Lovemore Matuke, Chief Whip told Reuters that ZANU-PF members of parliament would meet at 12:30 GMT, Monday, to begin mapping out Mugabe’s impeachment. In the draft motion, the party accused Mugabe of being a “source of instability”, flouting the rule of law and presiding over an “unprecedented economic tailspin” in the last 15 years.

At the same time, Lawmakers of Zimbabwe’s main opposition party, Movement for Democratic Change, MDC, plans a meeting, Tuesday, November 21, to decide whether to join their ruling party rivals to impeach 93-year-old President Robert Mugabe.

GRACE MUGABE — Wife of President Mugabe. Woman in the eye of the storm.

Mugabe’s ruling party, ZANU-PF has the required two-thirds membership to remove him from office.  But the coalition of the opposition would boost the process that was started by the military’s intervention last week. Mugabe’s fall, now appears almost inevitable.

On his part, Robert Mugabe has schedule a cabinet meeting on Tuesday at his State House, the same day his impeachment is being planned.  The Chief Secretary to the president and cabinet has sent out notice of the scheduled cabinet.  It is said to be the first time the ministers would be meeting for its routine weekly meeting with Mugabe since the military took over power.

Would Robert Mugabe announce his resignation, in what could be a valedictory meeting with his cabinet ministers and honourably exit, and avoid humiliating impeachment?  It is left to be seen.