VICE PRESIDENT JOSEPH BOAKAI [Left] GEORGE WEAH [Right] -- Back to Liberia's presidential run-off, December 26.

Geprge Weah, Liberian football legend, and Joseph Boakai, Vice President to out-going Liberian President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf are slated for Liberia’s presidential run-off, December 26.  According to Jerome Korkoya, Chairman of Liberia’s Electoral Commission, campaigning would end December 24.

Liberian Supreme Court, December 7, dismissed Charles Brumskine’s alleged electoral fraud on the presidential election held October 10.  He was third on the race. The Court had October 31, granted Brumskine’s stay order on the run-off presidential election earlier slated for November 7.

ELLEN JOHNSON-SIRLEAF — Out-going Liberian President.

After about two months delay of who becomes the country’s president, Liberians would be enthusiastic about the December 26 presidential run-off, and who succeeds 72 years old, out-going President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf — George Weah or Joseph Boakai?

Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, Nobel Peace Prize Winner, who served two terms of 6 years each, sealed lasting peace in Liberia, a country for decades, known for war.  Political analysts and observers said Johnson-Sirleafs’ 12 years leadership in Liberia, however, failed to address key concerns of Liberian people – poverty and corruption.