Paracetamol is a pain-relieving analgesic known to be commonly abused. Intake of paracetamol at the slightest pain related discomfort to soothe the pain and get some relief, rather than seeking medical professionals help is becoming cause for concern.  Almost every one would reach out for an analgesic without professional advice.

Indiscriminate use or misuse of Paracetamol and minimizing the effect, can damage the liver and kidney, according to the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria, PSN.  Jelili Kilani, PSN Chairman, Nigeria’s Federal Capital Territory Chapter, Tuesday, in Abuja, disclosed to NAN, that Paracetamol needs not be misused.

Prescription drugs used for purposes which they were not intended or used in excess of prescribed quantity or dosage, amounts to drugs abuse. Kilani said: “By engaging in such practice, you are damaging your internal organs like the liver and kidney, which if care is not taken, such damages cannot be remedy”.

PARACETAMOL TABLETS — Take with professional advice.

Kilani, therefore, urged the general public to desist from misuse of the drug in order to avert inflicting injury to their system.

He said: “Misuse of drug is when somebody is tired and decides to take three or more tablet of Paracetamol simply because he wanted a quicker or higher effect. As good as Paracetamol is, if not properly taken, it damages the liver and kidney; the only drug that is harmless to the body is water”.

“I advise the public to desist from self medication. If anyone is experiencing feverish condition or body pains after taking Paracetamol once and the symptoms persist, they should consult medical doctors rather than taking the drug continuously,” Kilani added.

Kilani urged the general public to discontinue any form of misuse of drug in order to avert inflicting injury to their health. Prescription drug abuse is the use of prescription medication in a way not intended by the prescribing professionals.