DONALD TRUMP -- US President.

President Donald Trump of United State could not use his new found phrase which he has popularized – “Fake News” –– to play down world outrage on his remark on Africa, which he described as “shithole countries”.

Rather, Trump asked Rwanda President Paul Kagame, and current chairman of African Union, AU, to convey his “warmest regards” to African leaders, whom Kagame will be meeting at the weekend for the continent’s regional leaders summit.

During a meeting on immigration with congressional leaders, President Trump was reported to have dismissed African nations as “shithole countries”.  The remark drew outrage around the world, and led to governments of some African countries demanding explanations from their US ambassadors.

PAUL KAGAME — Rwandan President, and current Chairman, African Union, AU.

At the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Friday, where Trump and Kagame met one-on-one, Trump told Kagame:  “I know you are going to your first meeting shortly.  Please, give my warmest regards”. He was said to have congratulated Kagame on assuming chairman of African Union, and described the position as “great honour”.

Donald Trump, according to reports, has sent out more than 160 tweets, using the phrase “Fake News” to described reports not favourable to him or his government, since becoming President of the US.  Trump’s attacks have focused on the CNN and New York Times.

African Union nations,  with Paul Kagame as chairman, demanded apology for the derogatory phrase on Africa.  Trump has denied making such a remark as revealed by the US lawmakers who were present at the meeting.

During Trump’s meeting with Kagame in Davos, he said he had “tremendous discussions” with Kagame.   On his part, Kagame said they had “good discussions” about the economy and trade.