New 4G Mercedes Benz silky A-Class unveiled from the advanced German auto technology with tradition of ruggedness, from pictorial appearance.  It is Mercedes Benz A-Class hatchback, embedded with hosts of new features.

Categorized as fourth-generation with aggressive facelift and lowered front, new grille, longer and wider wheel-base and larger wheel arches.

Further unique feature is the intelligent voice control, first time in a Mercedes Benz.  When activated uses the phrase: “Hey, Mercedes”. Control destination input, phone calls, music selection, messaging, weather forecasting and climate control.


Different from others Mercedes Benz models, A-Class dashboard has two ‘floating’ screens. Customers can select either two seven-inch displays, two 10.25-inch screens or one of each. It is fitted either with 1.4 or 2.0 litre four cylinder petrol engine with 161bhp and 221bhp, or 1.5 litre 114bhp diesel engine.

A-Class has new Macpherson front, multi-link rear suspension that should lead to a better ride and improved handling. It has ambient lighting with 64 colours, illuminated air vents in a turbine look, heated seats, climate control and massaging seats are also optional extras.

Array of new safety tech includes Distronic distance control, active steering assist, emergency stop assist, active lane change and a semi-autonomous driving mode.

The A-Class retains practical value – the longer and wider body gives occupants more shoulder, head and leg room as well as increased space for luggage. Night exterior package is also available, with 18-inch alloys, black mirror housing, a diamond grille, and tinted windows.