HADIZA BALA-USMAN -- Managing Director, Nigerian Port Authority, NPA.

It is high point for the management of Nigerian Ports Authority, NPA, for generating N299.56 billion in 2017 fiscal year, the highest in the past five years. Hadeza Bala-Usman, Managing Director, NPA, is leading the management team that is making significant economic impact in the organization.

A statement by Abdullahi Goje, General Manager, Corporate and Strategic Communications of NPA, said the revenue exceeded 2016 figures of N162.20 billion by 84.65 percent.

HADIZA BALA-USMAN — Managing Director, Nigerian Port Authority, NPA. Making significant economic impact in Nigerian Ports administration and operations.

Looking back at the revenue generating pace of the authority, Goje said NPA generated 154.50 billion in 2013.  It moved up to N159.30 billion in 2014 and N180.50 billion in 2015.  The revenue declined to N162.20 billion in 2016, and in a stride, moved up to N299.56 billion in 2017.

The breakdown shows traffic generating N66.80 billion; harbours N136.04 billion; administration N86.06 billion and others charges at N10.75 billion.

Bala-Usman was appointed Managing Director, Nigerian Ports Authority, NPA, by President Muhammadu Buhari in July, 2016.  She embarked on strategic reforms in the Agency and in ports operations. This has led to improved revenue profile of NPA, and stakeholders in the industry passed vote of confidence in her administration.