IBRAHIM HASSAN DANKWAMBO -- Governor of Gombe State.

THE MAN, Governor Ibrahim Dankwambo of Gombe State, seems an emerging top class political brand.  His candidacy is already been flaunted as a brand for a presidential ticket for Nigeria’s 2019 presidential election.  His personal credentials, past public office credentials, and ultimately, his credentials as eight years [two terms] governor of Gombe State, speak for him.  He has become known as a distinguished achiever in governance.

As Accountant-General of the federation, Dankwambo served under three former Nigerian presidents – Olusegun Obasanjo, late Umaru Musa Yar’adua and Gioodluck Ebele Jonathan.  He is a chartered accountant by training and said to be friendly figures.  He is also said to be an expert in applying figures prudently, financially disciplined, experienced and visionary leader.


As Governor of Gombe State for about eight years, Dankwambo has managed very lean state resources with splendid results to show for limited resources available to him. Federal allocation to Gombe State is said to be, perhaps, second to the last in the order of what each state receives from the federation account.  Yet, the performance of Dankwambo in the state is said to be outstanding.

A recent interview with New Telegraph, Umar Nafada, Gombe State Commissioner for Information, said Governor Dankwambo had paid workers salaries up to date.  Civil servants are paid as and when due.  His financial disciplined has been a factor that made it possible for salaries of civil servants to be paid as at when due, and the governor was able to embark on several laudable projects.


Nafade said Dankwambo’s policy priority is in education.  In actualizing this, he established college of legal and administrative studies in Nafada; college of nursing and midwifery in Duku; college of education in Ileye, and new university of science and technology in the state.

Outside education, Dankwambo established international conference centre and health institutions in the state.  He constructed more than 500 kilometers of roads network in the state capital.  Some linked to Yola, Bauchi and Maiduguri.


According to Nafada, Governor Dankwambo has placed agriculture in an enviable position in the State. He is on course to revolutionize agriculture by supplying agricultural implements, farm inputs, training of farmers and assisting the farmers with loans.

The man Dankwambo looks simple, quite and neutral in appearance.  Yet, he is already catching the fancy of a block in his political party, Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.  Can Dankwambo whether the storm of — uneasy that lies the head that wears Nigeria’s presidential cap — Nafada, his Commissioner for Information believes he can.

Nafada said if some one without solid financial background is elected as president in 2019, it could be difficult to turn around the economy of the nation. To, him Dankwambo is the man fit for the job.

Giving that Gombe State is one of the only two states his political party, PDP, manages out of 19 northern States, can the popularity of Dankwambo ensure victory for the party in the state in 2019, Nafada, also believes, it can.  That the opposition party in the State, All Progressive Congress, APC, cannot be a match or a threat to the ruling party, PDP.