FOR THE PREPARATION of Zobo and Kunu drinks – two very popular brands of locally blended nutritious drinks  in Nigeria, got boost from Federal Institute of Industrial Research Oshodi, FIIRO, when it unveiled automated machines for the preparation of the drinks to enhance competitiveness and productivity in the food and beverage industry.

Chris Olumuyiwa, FIIRO’s spokesman, said in a statement, Wednesday, in Lagos, that the equipment was unveiled during FIIRO’s Day at Technology and Innovation Week, 2018, in Abuja.  Gloria Elemo, Director-General of FIIRO, according to the statement, said the institute partnered an indigenous automation company, Automation and Engineering Nigerian Limited to produce the machines.

FIIRO’s statement said the motivation for producing the machines came when the Minister of Science and Technology, during in 2017 edition of Technology and Innovation Week, advised FIIRO to automate its production processes.  This Elemo said has been actualized by the production of Zobo and Kunu automated machines.


Zobo drink, according to nutrition experts is refreshing, and said to have health benefits to regulate blood pressure, reduce cholesterol, strengthen blood vessels, calm nerves, reduce stress, used for weight loss and to improve sex drive.  It is said not to be safe for pregnant women as it reduces menstruation and could lead to miscarriage.

Zobo drink is produced from dried roselle or sorrel leaves [Hibiscus Sabdariffa] and spiced to taste. It is red in colour and served in homes and parties; and loved by Nigerians.  Further advantages of Zobo drink are that it is readily available, affordable, tasty and refreshing.


Kunu drink, most popular among Northerners – also called “KununZaki” is made from whole grains of millet, sorghum or corn and spiced to taste.   It is said to be highly nutritious and rich in protein and fiber.

Kunu drink has some unique health benefits, some of which include – protection of your heart, boost sperm count, aid weight lose, sooth colds and coughs and aid pregnancy.  It is served at homes and during events and has delightful refreshing taste.

Elemo said that the institute would continue to use technology to change the nature, enhance the quality, profitability and competitiveness of the nation’s manufacturing sector. Matthew Ilori, a Professor in African Institute for Science Policy and Innovation of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, on his part, said “there are no economic gains from Research and Development [R&D] until the outputs [including patents] are exploited”.