NEW BREAKFAST CEREAL, GOLDEN MORN Puffs, has been launched into Nigerian market to provide families with more healthier and delicious food choices, by Nestle Nigeria Plc, Nigeria and West Africa foods company giant. Nestle has three world class factories and employs about 2,400 workers.

Victoria Uwadoka, Corporate Communications and Public Affairs Manager, at a meeting with media executives Wednesday, in Lagos, to herald the product said GOLDEN MORN Puffs was made purely from grains and cereals.

She said:  “GOLDEN MORN Puffs is proudly produced in Nigeria for Nigerians. It is fortified with vitamins and iron to contribute to the efforts to address micronutrient deficiency in the country”.

Uwadoka said: “Micronutrient deficiency is the lack of essential vitamins and minerals required in small amounts by the body for proper growth and development. According to the World Health Organization, WHO, two billion people in the world are affected by iron deficiency, which is the most common micronutrient disorder in sub-Saharan Africa”.


“The major health consequences of deficiency in essential micronutrients include impaired physical and cognitive development, which translates to reduced performance of school-aged children among others. It is important to note that annually, Nigeria loses over 1.5 billion dollars in Gross Domestic Product, GDP, directly and indirectly to vitamin and mineral deficiencies”, she added.

 Nestlé’s Category Manager, Dairy, Aboubacar Coulibaly, further explained that Nestlé’s GOLDEN MORN Puffs made from maize, millet, oats and soya is fortified with Grainsmart — described as a unique combination of vitamins and iron.

Coulibaly’s words:  “Food fortification is a strategy that Nestlé has adopted to help address the burden of micro-nutrient deficiency. With 50 per cent of our portfolio already fortified with micronutrients, the introduction of Golden Morn Puffs breakfast cereal today is another step towards the fulfillment of our commitment to provide healthier, delicious food choices for all age groups, a journey we have been on for the past 57 years in Nigeria”.

He said 94 per cent of the grains and cereals used in producing GOLDEN MORN Puffs are sourced locally. “We are very happy to announce to you today that the work we have been doing with local farmers for the past 7 years on capacity building and grain quality improvement is yielding results”.

Coulibaly said: “Ninety-four percent of the agricultural raw materials for the product we are launching today, GOLDEN MORN Puffs was supplied by Nigerian farmers”.  Nestlé Nigeria, he said, would continue to invest in development of nutrient rich delicious food to realize its purpose of enhancing the quality of life and contributing to a healthier future.