NASIR EL-RUFAI -- Kaduna State Governor

IN SEARCH OF “qualified teachers” suitable for fashioning education standard in Kaduna State Teaching Service, the government sacked over four thousand newly recruited teachers. Again, for what the government described as “incompetence”.  They were recruited in late 2017. The sacked teachers were unable to properly write acceptance letters on the jobs offered to them, according to government official.

Governor El-Rufai of Kaduna State, in 2017, sacked 22,000 teachers for failing aptitude tests meant for primary school pupils.  The government embarked on recruitment for replacement of the sacked teachers. In late 2017, it recruited 15,897 new teachers.  Of this number, 11,335 were “competent”, while 4,562 were “incompetent”.


The successful candidates have been deployed to over 4,000 schools within Kaduna State. The state government plans, in the coming months, to recruit more teachers to fill the shortfalls from the sacked 22,000 teachers. Government official said it would conclude the recruitment process of the balance 13,665 teachers in the coming months.

Educating it citizens is the hub of a developed nation.  Getting the right and competent workforce in the education sector in Kaduna State, has become work in progress for the government.  The government said it would take necessary measures to get the best hands in its Teaching Service.