NIGERIAN BUSINESSES, ACROSS ALL SCALES, are eligible to benefit from British Airways Airline business-friendly service package known as “On Business”.  The scheme reduces travel costs among other benefits, and is accessible globally.

It permits businesses access, either specially discounted flight tickets costs, or earn reward points on every flight booked, which could later be monetized and converted to free flight tickets or upgrades.

British Airways, Kola Olayinka, Regional Manager, West Africa, speaking at a Reinforcer Event, Tuesday at the Wheat Baker Hotel, Ikoyi, Lagos, said the scheme is aimed at reducing the strains of businesses by reducing travel costs.

“It would save your company money. We say it is for savvy businesses. Whether you are savvy or not, nobody likes to spend money. You want to do it cheaper? On Business gives you that opportunity. It is coming from a place where we realize that, if companies are doing well, we would do well”, Olayinka said.

Emunjeze, Manager, Agatha Interior And Diya  Sales Manager, British Airways.

He said the scheme is operational on and off line, and also usable on its partner airlines – Iberia and American Airlines. One of the On Business subscribers present at the event, Tunde Fayemi, a Manager at Guaranty Trust Bank, attested that the scheme is helpful to his company.

Tunde Fayemi said: “For me, my priority is to keep the travel budget. This On Business has helped us. In the current year, I think I have used it like three times already. When I want to book, I go online. I just do it and pay with my card.”

Omotosho, a small business owner, another subscriber, a small business owner said the scheme has been helpful to her business. She urged small businesses, that needs its staff to travel frequently, to key into the scheme, which she described as lucrative.

Ogbemudia Emunjeze of Agatha’s Interiors Design Limited, emerged winner of British Airways Business Class return ticket on a raffle draw held at the venue. Prospective subscribers can register for the service on website.