ACTIVE MOBILE SUBSCRIBERS, in Nigeria in the fourth quarter of 2018, rose to 172,824,239 million from 162,032,481 million and 162,522,772 million recorded in the third and second quarters, respectively. Total of 106,420,858 and 112,065,740 were active on internet in the fourth and third quarters as against 103,514,997 in second quarter.

Nigeria’s National Bureau of Statistics, NBS, released these figures on its website “Telecommunication Data [Q3 and Q4 2018]”. The active voice subscribers base increased by 6.66 per cent in the quarters been reviewed.  Lagos had highest active voice, per state, subscribers in the fourth quarter, followed by Ogun and Kano States.  Ebonyi state had the lowest.


“Similarly, Lagos State has the highest number of subscribers in terms of active internet per state in fourth quarter, 2018 followed by Ogun and Kano States. Bayelsa and Ebonyi States have the least number of subscribers in the period under review,” NBS said.

NBS said MTN network provider had the highest share of voice subscription, while GLO, AIRTEL, EMTS and others followed.  MTN also had highest internet subscription, followed by GLO, AIRTEL, EMTS and others.  The data for the report was provided by Nigerian Communications Commission, NCC, while NBS verified the data.