MEDIA EVENTS FOR GALAXY FOLD—foldable handset—planned for this week in Hong Kong and Shanghai, may have been postponed by Smartphone maker and electronics giant, Samsung Electronics Company Limited, a company official said on Monday, days after reviewers of the handset reported defects on samples. The official did not give reasons for rescheduling the media events.

Rather than looking forward to resounding launch of the phone on April 26, in the United States, the South Korean electronics giant has been shattered by report by technology journalists of breaks, bulges and blinking screens after using samples of the phone within a day, according to Reuters.

Samsung has welcomed the folding design as the future in a field that has seen few surprises since Apple Inc’s iPhone in 2007. Chinese rival Huawei Technologies Company Limited has also announced a folding handset, the Mate X.


Samsung official said the firm would thoroughly investigate the reports on damage on the phone. There was no indication whether there would be change to the United State release date.  Samsung plans to begin sales of the phone in South Korean and European markets in May. Date for sales to Chinese market was undisclosed.

Samsung said it received “a few” reports of damage to the displays of samples of the $1,980 handset, raising the spectre of the combustible Galaxy Note 7 three years ago which the firm ultimately pulled from shelves at massive cost.