NIGERIAN NATIONAL ELECTRICITY GRIDE’s, incessant collapse, in the past 24 hours, from Thursday, and in previous months, demonstrates the precarious state of its energy sector. Nigerians could not hold back their frustrations in the social media, by expressing concerns and worries over the deteriorating situation.

Nigerians depend on electricity for light and security at home, for their  small and medium scale businesses, for traffic on our roads, for industries and commercial progress. Yet, the power sector is holding Nigerians and the country hostage – ministers come, and ministers go, no significant progress made.

Babatunde Fashola, former minister of power, left with little or no story to tell of the success he made in the sector.  Sale Mamman, present minister of the sector, came in, and has been estranged in controversies with the previous minister [Fashola] over the state of the power sector – alluding that the current deteriorating state of the power sector should be blamed on the former minister — both appointed by President Buhari.

Electricity is the life wire of the world.  It has made the world one large global village.  Across the world, electricity is the wheel of industry, science and technology, and the arts. It is the heart of all inventions.  It serves, and it rules.  In Nigeria, the power sector does not serve Nigerians, it rules — holds them hostage.

Then, the sad irony.  Inefficient electricity supply in Nigeria has tied down the progress the country should be making. And the country is reeling in darkness, politically, economically  and socially.  Anything with such total hold over man’s life — such as electricity supply, invites scorn and hatred.