DRIVING DIGITAL BANKING with innovation and technology, Standard Chartered Bank Nigeria, said is a commitment. The bank has invested about $3 billion in technology in the last three to five years, to drive digital banking with innovation and technology.

David Idoru, Head, Retail Banking, Standard Chartered Bank Nigeria, in a report on the rise of Nigeria’s invisible bank, said this, automatically, means people would have more choices, and banking would be more convenient. And digitalisation would no longer be a destination, but the path to superior client experience.

“We have also taken a ‘capturing the digital initiative’ approach that ensures that about 70 per cent of the most common service requests can be handled by our digital bank with distinct benefits such as zero charge on all interbank transactions, zero charge on SMS notifications and free delivery of cards to customers regardless of location.

“For us, our sense and definition of a digital bank would resonate more with one that serves its clients without them ever needing to come to the branch if they don’t want to, not even to open an account. It means giving people the choice to do everything digitally from their mobile phones,” Idoru said.

In a world of digital banking, and with innovation and technology positioning itself as the future of payments, there were several opportunities for organisations to solve some of the world’s biggest challenges and enhance large scale productivity, he added.