PUBLIC AND CIVIL SERVANTS, on Grade Level 13 and above, Monday, reported for work at Oyo State Secretariat, as directed by Seyi Makinde, Governor of Nigeria’s southwest, Oyo State, under strict compliant guidelines to prevent and control the spread of Covid-19 pandemic.

On Saturday, after meeting with Oyo State Covid-19 Task Force, at Government House, Agodi, Ibadan, Makinde announced, at media briefing, that the secretariat would be re-opened, Monday, April 27, with officers on grade level 13 and above, who have personal and separate offices, reporting for work.

Governor Makinde spelt out strict guidelines to be observed on resumption, to prevent and control the spread of coronavirus within the secretariat.  They include usage of only one entry point. Which will, also, serve as exist point for all officers on duty.

Meetings of officers will be held online. Visitors will not be allowed into the secretariat, except, absolutely necessary. Handing washing facilities will be, strategically, located around the secretariat. Hand sanitizer of 100ml and fact mask will be given to each officer.


Canteens around the secretariat will remain closed.  And officers are advised to bring their  lunch packs. Posters and Banners will be conspicuously displayed around the secretariat to emphasise adherence to the guidelines on resumption.

Dusk to dawn curfew in Oyo State relaxed from the initial 7pm – 7am; to 7pm – 5am, to enhance movement of workers, and enable farmers go to farm during the planting season.  And farmers were been sensitised on how to stay safe during farming period.

The COVID-19 compliant guidelines, according to Governor Makinde, will be provided for markets. They include hand washing and wearing of face masks. Only markets that meet the guidelines will be allowed to reopen.

Oyo State Government will begin distribution of one million face masks produced by the government. The face masks will be distributed free to market men and women, artisans and civil servants.