NIGERIA’S GIANT CEMENT MANUFACTURER, Dangote Cement, has unveiled plans to produce nine millionaires daily, in a new Spell and Win “Bag of Goddies Season 2” Consumer Promo. It is meant to reward loyal customers and improve their livelihoods within the country.

The promotion commenced, Wednesday, July 15, and runs through November 15, 2020.  It will produce 1,000 millionaires within 16 weeks. Customers, will also, win tricycles, motorcycle, television sets, refrigerators, Dangote Food Goodies packs, recharge cards and other exciting gifts.

Eligible participates in the promotion, need to purchase promo bag of Dangote Cement during the promotion period.  A scratch card is inserted in the bag. When opened, the content of the scratched card is the prize worn by the consumer.  The prize will be redeemed from the nearest redemption center.

The star one millionaire category, requires that consumers collect scratched cards that would spell D-A-N-G-O-T-E. The Dangote “Bag of Goodies 2” Consumer Promo, according to the company, is a huge investment aimed at rewarding new and existing consumers, as palliatives, at this period of COVID-19.


While unveiling the promo, Wednesday, in Lagos, Michel Puchercos, Group Managing Director, Dangote Cement, said it is part of the company’s strategies to continuously reward consumers who are the backbone in the cement business. He said: “It is to reward valued consumers for their unflinching partnership in ensuring that our range of cement products remains today the first choice for construction purposes across the country

“The prizes we are offering in the promo are specifically tailored towards changing the living standards of consumers who are the end users of our products. These prizes have great economic value as they can be used to kick off small scale businesses especially in the face of the COVID-19 global pandemic with many families losing their source of livelihood.

“Dangote Cement ‘Bag of Goodies Promo Season 2’ is to serve a dual purpose, allow consumers of our products to continue their projects while at the same time stand a chance of becoming a millionaire or proud winner of prizes such as tricycle, motorcycles etc,” he added.


Funmi Sanni, Marketing Director, Dangote Cement, at the unveiling ceremony, said consumers are important and fundamental part of production. Without the consumers, the company’s ability to remain in business would be impossible.

“To grow our business, we must constantly create value in terms of quality, product, service, competitive pricing and depositing in consumer’s emotional bank accounts in order to become their preferred choice of brand at the point of purchase.

“As a business, we recognise the importance of every member of our value chain- distributors, wholesalers and retailers, as such; we have invested in growing their businesses through various empowerment schemes,” Sanni said.