WHAT NEW EXCUSES, AND BLAME GAMES, will President Buhari be trading, with Nigerians elected representatives, when he visits Nigeria’s House of Representatives, on why his government and the current service chiefs, have been unable secure their lives and property, in the country, five years into his administration? Global outrage has trailed the horrific killings, on Saturday, of over 40 rice farmers in a most horrendous attack by jihadists Boko Haram, in Zabarmari village, about 20 kilometers from Maiduguri, capital of Borno State.

Femi Gbajabiamila, Speaker of the House of Representatives, Wednesday, broke the news, that President Buhari has agreed to address the House on the state of insecurity in the country, as requested by the lawmakers. He said the date has been agreed, and will be communicated in due course.

The lower House, at plenary, Tuesday, passed resolutions, inviting President Buhari to appear before it, to explain the rising and deteriorating insecurity in the county.  The lawmakers, in the resolution were not definite, when the president should appear to answer questions from members.  But within 24 hours of the resolutions, the presidency responded, and agreed to appear before the lawmakers.


Gbajabiamila, leading senior members of the House in the debate, tried to play down the request. But their efforts proved futile.  Members were, rather, sharply divided, with majority insisting that President Buhari needed to appear before the lawmakers to address deteriorating insecurity in the country.

With sharp division, and recurring outbursts by members during the debate, Gbajabiamila said: “I am a little disappointed by these shouting downs.  So, we are going to dissolve into the executive session to resolve this issue”. After about 45 minutes close-door session, the House adopted the motion inviting the President to address the lawmakers on the state of insecurity in the country.

NIGERIAN SENATE, also, for the third time, passed resolutions, urging President Buhari, to sack the service chiefs, without further delays, having outlived their usefulness in prosecuting the war against insurgent Boko Haram.  But it seems, to many, that the Senate and House of Representatives, could just, again, be barking, without biting with their resolutions. But will the national assembly bite, this time around?

The Senate said the inability of the current service chiefs to secure the nation, has manifestly, worsened the state of insecurity in the country. Senators who led the discussion, demanded probe into allegations of corruption levelled against the military operations in north-east. And if the president insists on retaining the service chiefs, he has failed in his constitutional duty of securing the nation.


Ahmad Lawan, Senate President, presided over the debate and resolutions.  He stated that: “It is now important that the executive should implement the latest resolutions because they are not frivolous.  Enough of excuses.  Those who have nothing to offer in terms of security in the country, should be shown the way out.  The security of Nigerians should take the center stage.  Time has come to find a solution”.

The United States, United Nation, and Nigeria’s Governor’s Forum, took turns to, in very strong terms, in condemning  Saturday’s killing of over 40 farmers by terrorists Boko Haram.  The Northern Elders Forum has asked President Buhari to resign for failing to security the country.