BELLO MATAWALLE, Governor of Zamfara State, is having sleepless night, and increasingly getting worried, about worsening banditry in the State. Again, on Wednesday, bandits struct and abducted 60 people in the State, in what appears move to dare President Buhari’s recent resolve and directives to improve insecurity in the State,  the region and the country.

The Gidan Baushe village abduction, in Maru Local Government, Zamfara State, reportedly, took place on Wednesday, when the abductors stormed the village with their animals and demanded for foodstuffs, set shops and foodstuffs on fire, and abducted men, women and children. Eight men, among those abducted, were released on Thursday.

Among President Buhari’s directives were “shooting at-sight” anyone found in possession of AK14 weapon outside the security agencies; “non-flight zone” and the proscription of gold mining in Zamfara State; and talking tough that banditry and insurgency would be, decisively, dealt with henceforth in the country.

Governor Matawalle is in a dilemma. The popular adage “uneasy lies the head that wears the crown”, could be playing out in his case. He has offered to resign, if taking such step, would bring lasting solution to the high state of insecurity in Zamfara, during a recent interview with Channels Television.

Matawalle’s words: “If I know that my resigning as a governor will make the people sleep with their two eyes closed, I can resign. I am ready to do what will bring security. I am not power-hungry. I have been having a sleepless night to protect the people of Zamfara state.”