SECURITY SITUATION across Edo State, south-south Nigeria, the State Governor Godwin Obaseki said, has improved significantly, and  commended security agencies for the efforts, in tackling insecurity and ensuring peace in the State.

After joint security meeting with heads of security agencies in the State, on Monday, to review security situation in the state, for the period July to October, Obaseki said the report at the meeting showed that the security situation had improved.

Obaseki’s words: “The report presented shows that the security situation is improving. We reviewed the data from July to October and you can see that the trend was declining in all the crimes reported, whether it was in kidnapping, illicit drugs, homicide and armed robbery as well as vehicular accidents.

“You can see that the security situation in Edo is improving and we have the security agencies to thank. The ‘Operation Still Water’ has helped reduce kidnapping in Edo and we have to thank the army for that. It’s the impact of all they have been doing that shows in the statistics that we displayed today”.

Obaseki said the government is “looked very closely into the issue of land grabbing” in the state, and “resolved that a committee of private property protection bill specifies a task force to operationalize that law”. The task force, the governor said, will be inaugurated November 29.


In addition, Obaseki said, government also “decided to set up a reconciliation committee to also help us in dealing with issues arising from aggrieved communities on matters concerning lands. This is just to make sure that we have peace in our land”. 

The governor said his government was concerned about the cultivation and use of drug in the state. “We are working out something that will help us address the issue of drug cultivation and use by young and not too young people in the state”.

Philip Ogbadu, Commissioner of Police, Edo State, called on residents to avoid traveling at night, as measures are being put in place to reduce crime across the State.