FOR NINE MONTHS, that ended September 30, 2021, shareholders of Lafarge Africa, will earn interim dividend of N16.1 billion. The proposed pay-out is N1 per 50 Kobo ordinary shares. The dividend will be paid from the pioneer profits to shareholders whose names appear in the Register of Members, as at the close of business on November 10, 2021.

Khaled El Dokani, Lafarge Africa CEO’s statement said: “We are pleased to announce the payment of an interim dividend to our esteemed shareholders. This reiterates our commitment to ensure that we continuously deliver value to all our stakeholders.

“Our 9-month performance showed significant improvement, with net sales of [+21.9] per cent, recurring EBIT of [+17.1] per cent and net income of [+43.3] per cent, compared to nine months 2020 results.

“We are equally pleased with the progress we are making on sustainability; our use of affordable clean energy and agro-ecology footprint are in accordance with our net zero pledge journey. We extend our sincere appreciation and gratitude to all our stakeholders for their continued support.”

November 19, 2021, is the interim payment date. Payment will be made, electronically, to shareholders whose names appear in the Register of Members, as at November 10, 2021, and who have completed e-dividend registration, and mandated the Registrar to pay their dividends directly into their Bank accounts.

In nine months, that ended in September 30, 2021, Lafarge Africa reported [43.3] per cent increase in profit to N40.39 billion; against N28.2 billion reported in nine months of 2020.