MANY NIGERIANS, Muslims, Christians and citizens in general, would hardly agree that President Buhari’s out-going administration, about 10 months left, still has anything to offer the country. Buhari in his Eid-El Kabir message, in a statement by his Senior Special Assistant, Media, Garba Shehu, quoted Buhari as saying: “I won’t rest until I bring relief to Nigerians”.

Everywhere people are seen discussing in any part of the country – in homes, work places, market places, at schools, in the streets – they are focused on the economic and social agony afflicting the citizens the past seven years. Of how inflation, hunger, unemployment and insecurity have made Nigeria a terrible place to live. Armies of beggars are rising and the pains know no bound.  Misery on rampage.

But Buhari said: “I am quite aware of the difficulties people are facing and working to resolve them”.  And urged Nigerians to put the interest of the country above selfish interest, and “use religion as a motivation for the love of our common humanity”. Analysts see these cliches of Buhari’s presidency about the state of affairs of the country, overbearing and needless; about 10 months to exit office. What magic would he perform?


President Buhari, they say, would simply, have wished the Muslim faithful “happy Eid-El Kabir celebration”. And enjoin those who have the means, to enjoy themselves. Because the president, no more, has impactful, cheerful and relieving message to Nigerians.  Buhari added, however, that by putting religious teaching into practice, “most of the evils afflicting our society would have been solved.”

INDICTING his administration of pervading corruption, Garba Shehu’s statement said Buhari frowned at the stealing of public funds by civil servants and other holders of public trust; and the exploitation of the people by traders. He said these negative vices were reflections of neglecting religious teachings.

Buhari words, “Our society is a bundle of contradictions. People display external religiosity without fear of God; they make life difficult for others; money becomes their god; leaders abandon their oaths of office by taking money meant for the welfare of the people and diverting it to their private pockets”, Garba Shehu stated.

The president further stated that religion should not just be used as mere “badge of identify”, but motivator for doing good for the country and humanity. He congratulated the Muslim Ummah in the country, on Eid-El Kabir celebration. 

He however, specifically, recognized “the brave men and women in uniform fighting terror on many fronts and their families, as well as others held hostage and kept away from their families by wicked and heartless terrorists.”