LICENCES OF SOME television and radio stations, in Nigeria, have been revoked by the broadcast industry regulator, National Broadcasting Commission, NBC.  The commission said the stations  indebtedness is to the tune of N2.6 billion, according to Malam Balarabe Ilelah, Director-General of NBC.

Balarabe Ilelah, told journalists at a news conference on Friday, in Abuja, that the commission has ordered the affected stations to be shut down within 24 hours. He directed NBC offices nationwide to collaborate with security agencies to ensure immediate compliance.

The commission said, in May 2022, it published in national dailies, list of radio and television stations indebted to NBC. They were granted two weeks to renew their licences and pay their debts or consider their licenses revoked and frequencies withdrawn.

Three months after the publication, proprietors of the affected station were yet to pay their outstanding debts.  NBC said their actions contravention “NBC Act CAP N11, laws of the Federation of Nigeria, 2004”, particularly “section 10 (a) of the third schedule of the Act”.

Owing to this development, NBC said the continued operation of the debtor stations becomes “illegal and constitutes a threat to national security”.  And after due consideration, the “NBC hereby announces the revocation of the licences of the under-listed stations and give them 24 hours to shut down their operations.

NBC LISTED AFFECTED STATIONS, as AIT/Ray Power FM, Silverbird TV, Zuma FM, Suleja, Niger State, Bomay Broadcasting Service, Kogi, Kwara, Niger, Gombe, Lagos, Osun, Ogun, Ondo and Rivers States Broadcasting Corporations and Stations.

Other stations include Katsina Broadcasting Corporation, Kaduna State Broadcasting Corporation, Jigawa Broadcasting Corporation, Kebbi State Broadcasting Corporation, Zamfara State Broadcasting Corporation and Yobe State Broadcasting Corporation.

NBC Director-General said Imo State Broadcasting Corporation, Anambra State Broadcasting Corporation, Cross River State Broadcasting Corporation, Bayelsa State Broadcasting Corporation, Borno State Broadcasting Corporation and Crowther FM Abuja were among the affected stations.

All broadcast stations, yet to renew their licences for the current duration, NBC said should do so within the next 30 days to avoid sanctions. All Internet Protocol Television and all other broadcast stations that are streaming online, are urged to register with the commission to avoid disconnection.

The Director-General said Broadcasters should note that having a “DTT or FM licence” does not warrant a broadcaster to stream online, they are two different licenses, he noted.